We all know using a mobile phone when riding can be dangerous. However, there are plenty of use cases that can make riding easier, more fun and safer too. In this series, we will discuss and explore some new mobile apps on the market including bike mounts and accessories too.

Let’s kick off this series with a review of Motorcycle Navigation Apps:

Best Biking Roads (BBR)

BBR is both a website and mobile app.   BBR provides user generated routes with descriptions and some include pictures. They have over 31k users and 13k route reviews. The website route creator is pretty basic. It lets you add pins and that’s about it. You can’t undo or add intermediate points so if you make a mistake you’ll have to start over.

The App lets you search motorcycle routes by location, rating, country and some other options. You can also pick from a map view.   The App also has a Route Creation feature which is better than the one on the website as if offers an undo feature. The app won’t let you export or navigate the route, but it does provide a link to the route on the BBR website where you than can export it as a GPX file.

One of the best features of Best Biking Roads is the active community which ensures a large number of routes and route reviews.  The biggest negative is lack of navigation.

Price: $3.99

Greatest Road

Greatest Road is one of the more well known Motorcycle Apps on the market. The basic features are similar to BBR, however it has more features and some consider it more advanced, although it’s just a mobile App, no website.

The App helps you find the most fun and most scenic routes, not just the shortest or fastest routes. It has recommended routes from over 160 countries from local riders.

One great feature is that Greatest Road is integrated with Yelp to help you find a restaurant, hotel or other place along the way.

The route finding feature lets you search for routes by selecting a map area and then it will load all the tracks for that area and show them on the map. Tapping on a route will highlight details about the route and you can optionally open a new screen showing you even more details, including a description and ratings.

Price: Free


MotoEye has a very simple and easy to use interface. It’s primarily a Ride Tracker but has some great additional features.  MotoEye is an app that lets you track GPS, accelerometer and gyroscope data, as well as record movies and take photos whenever you are on the road.

One of my favorite features is they consider your battery life. MotoEye can run offline with maps and turn by turn directions.   As most know, the GPS can drain your batter life, so running offline is a great feature.

Another helpful feature is the weather report. It shows the current weather, the weather in two hours and tomorrow. Great for those days when the weather can change fast and you’re not sure to bring a rain jacket.

Price: Free


MotoMap was designed for motorcycle riding. You have access to the mobile App and also the MotoMappers.com website where you can browse thousands of scenic routes.   A great feature is the ability to import a GPX file of your own ride.

Route navigation is “follow the line” simple, which means the route is marked on the map and the map moves with you and zooms in/out depending on your speed. MotoMap doesn’t give turn by turn and voice instructions.   However, you must watch your phones battery life as the GPS can drain it quickly.

The App is full of routes shaped and rated by locals worldwide. The Ride tracker will track your ride and you can optionally upload photos you take along the way.   A logbook records all your past riding adventures.

As music buffs, we like the option to select a music playlist to play during riding. You can choose to start the music automatically when you start moving and stop it when you stop moving.

Price: $1.99
Advertising: No